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Obfuscator v1.0.27.0 ERROR!

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this or at Scite, but here goes...

I recently found that Obfuscator v1.0.27.0 gives an error when Obfuscating an Au3 file.



###2 Obfuscation Error: Found Execute() statement which will lead to problems running your obfuscated script.

>### current Func: _WinAPI_SetLayeredWindowAttributes

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3.3.2.0\include\WinAPI.au3(5364,1) Warning for line:$i_transcolor = Execute('0x00' & StringMid($i_transcolor, 5, 2) & StringMid($i_transcolor, 3, 2) & StringMid($i_transcolor, 1, 2))

If though, I use version, the Obfuscator pass the file and Obfuscates it. If I then run this file (After Obfuscating with the prior version), it works 100%

I am now using the old Obfuscator with NO probs...Not an issue, but just thought i'd let you guys know...

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