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Internet Explorer loader with parts of the URL selectable

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Hi all,

I am looking to create something, but it's all going over my head!

I am looking for some kind person to help me out here.

I need to create a script with a GUI to be able to select certain items that form part of a URL.

Better if I talk through the scenario.

Two radio buttons are to sit at the top 'Option 1' and 'Option 2'.

If Option 1 is selected, a drop down list appears to select a range of information.

If Option 2 is selected, a different drop down list appears to select a range of information.

For example, if you select 'Option 1', the following appears:




(But I need to be able to free-type in here in case the option you want doesn't appear)

Then a free-type field asks for another piece of information, for example I type:


All of this information is then passed along and added to be a part of a URL, which should look similar to this:

http://"Option 1 List Item".pmoz84.com/test/testfolder/"Free-Type Field Information"/test.html

For example


If anyone can help it will be very much appreciated.

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