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get text of a focus

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i building a bot for a browsergame

i enter a certain page and i manage my way through any control by sending TAB key strokes

but because somethimes some "controls" are not avaliable i need to ask the text of the "control" that as focus

and sometimes i also triple click a spot and focus some text (not a control) and i need again to read the text there

how can i do that? how can i get the fext of a focus control or spot?

please see screenshot

(PS: canĀ“t read html in some browsergames so i quit getelementbytag,id process, i can only pass login page with that)


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hi nelsonpaixao


This will copy text to the clip board where you can retreave it using clipget().

I use this on web pages a lot.


edit: Forgot to mention that I use Firefox . These commands will not work on Internet Explorer. I have no experience with other browsers.

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