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ScriptKitty tnx for the idea man but I need further help setting it up !!!1

I have compiled the program and its on my desktop called Password.

I have created a folder called system in the dir C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA

My OS is win xp and I use an administrator account called nova.

How do I actually get the script to auto run when I try open the folder and not allow it to open when the password is wrong.

I dont know how to set the folder only axcessable to the user nova

when I right click the folder and go to sharing the make this folder box is untickable and a msg saying

"the options on this tab are disabled because this folder is in another folder that is private"

Help !!!!!!!!!

Plz :whistle:

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Two thoughts on previous discussions:

1. RE: Cannot disable CTL-ALT-DEL because of MS. If any one of the three keys is disabled, won't that in effect prevent CTL-ALT-DEL from working? Possibly temporarily disable one of the three until normal need is OK again.

2. RE: Directory security in WIN9x systems. Can make folder hidden and rename it to temp bad name. If PW is good, then rename folder to normal good name and continue execution as normal. Need to rename folder back to temp bad name again when program is no longer runnning. Can also check folder name before prompting for PW, if folder name is normal valid name, then rename it to temp bad name again, then do prompt for PW.

I haven't gotten familiar with AutoIt yet, but the concepts should be valid. Someone else will have to provide the code right now. I will be catching up when I can, stay tuned...... :whistle:

Hope this was helpful.............good luck, Bob

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