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Need help with first bot, runescape auto-cutter

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Hey y'all,

I am making my first ever bot so please don't laugh at how basic it is, I am still learning, Basicaly i have the bear bones but i need to make it a bit more advanced. I would like to add the following:

1. A few random lines of text for my runescape chacter to say now and again

2. Random camera movement

3.Random click poins(at the mo mine only clicks on the same place on every tree!

4. A way to empty my inventory.

5. A hotkey to start/stop

I have got this so far:

$count = 0
$max = 90
$left = 194
$top = 66
$right = 832
$bottom = 704
While $count < $max

    $c = pixelsearch ($left, $top, $right, $Bottom, 0x3C4716)

    If not @error Then
        Mouseclick ( "left", $c[0], $c[1], 1, 0 )

    If @error Then

    $count = $count + 1
    Send("{Right 4}")
    Send("{Right 12}")
    Send("{Right 1}")




For the inventory drop i was thinking of doing this:

Mouseclick ( "right", $c[910], $c[488], 1, 0 );this will select the item Mouseclick ( "left", $c[872], $c[518], 1, 0 )
But i cannot work out how to put this in every time i chop a log.

Can you please help and please don't leave comments about how gay runescape is or anything thanks

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I beleive that the forums do not support the creation of bots and you also posted this twice.

Interpreters have great power!Although they live in the shadow of compiled programming languages an interpreter can do anything that a compiled language can do, you just have to code it right.

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