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DOS exe shell help

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I have a DOS program which has just a few simple commands with each command having a few switches. The output of the command is either displayed in the dos window or can be output to a file. What I would like to do is have a graphical shell that opens the dos.exe hidden then inputs the commands with optional switches and outputs to a text window within the shell with the option to save it to a file with the option to choose a file path

There are 3 commands which I will call cmd1 cmd2 cmd3 which each have several option switches such as -l for list -o for output file which then requires the full path to the location and the file name such as C:\Documents and Settings\output.txt and -f for fully qualified domain name. Several of the options have additional input required such as the -f option where I need to input the FQDN which is listed in the output file of cmd1 using the -c switch.

I would like the option of creating an output within the gui and highlighting the FQDN then running cmd2 with the -f switch and have it input the full command cmd1 -f fully.qualified.domain.name based on the highlighed text.

I am very new to autoit and would like to learn by example so I was wondering if anyone is aware of a similar AU script which I could study. Possibly something based upon the shutdown command or similar which has similar syntax.


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