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Netinstall - AutoIT 3 Fails with all scripts

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Guest mrloop


We deploy our application with Netinstall 5.7. But there are usualy a few applications that do not support silent install. We found AutoIT v3 and thought that this would the solution to all our problems. While at the console the scripts worked fine. Thanks for that!!!

But now, when we run the netinstall scripts, the packages are started by the netinstall service. So there is no console session at all. All our AutoIT Scrips failed. The Netinstall Package includes the autoit.exe and our AutoIT script. Do you have any ideas how to get it run with the netinstall service running the AutoIT Script???

Thanks for any idea.

Best regards


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Sounds like you might have a user logon problem. Maybe! Check your NetInstall service and find out how it is logging onto the remote machine and make sure that it has the permissions on that machine. Or you may need to use a utility from one of my favorite sites. (http://www.sysinternals.com/)

Look for a set of utils called PSTOOLS. Inside there you will find the psexec utility. This will allow you to start a console app on another machine and run a command or script. It does not open a console window on the remote machine. Keep that in mind. So, you should be able to achieve what you want.

Hopefully, I was able to help. :(

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