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Multiple File Downloader

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If I'm not allowed to post this in this forum, please allow me to post it in the 'Example Scripts' forum, as I do not yet have access to this forum and do not know the post requirement to be able to do so.

This is a file downloader supporting up to 20 files at one time. By default it saves it to @desktopdir & "\month\day\file.ext"

(for example "C:\Users\Chris\Desktop\May\29\Song.mp3")

Yeah it's pretty simple, but I needed this because I download some files off of websites in bulk and since Firefox automatically opens MP3s for me using QuickTime, it's a pain to download them one by one. I figured at least ONE person could benefit from this... :D

I have linked both the compressed, resource-edited file (in both .rar and .zip format) and the .au3 file for those of you who want it. Without further ado, here is what you came for.


Edit: Added screen shot

Edit: Tidied up some code, made things simpler, and added some #region sections. Also added a grow() function with 2 different types... Spiffy!

Edit: Fixed links. Woot for new website host.







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Edited by cembry90

AutoIt Stuff:


UDFs: {Grow}

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