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I'm new to all this but have been experimenting.

I'm trying to control an application that runs via a citrix logon. I can start citrix within an IE window and send the logon credentials and even send the url to launch the application. However, its here that I get stuck.

I know the script works fine when I'm logged on to the server but when I schedule the script and it runs under the console session I can't activate the application window.

I've tried the following snippets all to no avail:

$var = WinList()

For $i = 1 to $var[0][0]

If $var[$i][0] = $iPharmString[$Session] Then

$WinHandle= $var[$i][1]





While Not (WinExists($iPharmString[$Session],""))

MsgBox(1,"Does Not Exist","Window, " & $iPharmString[$Session] & " does not exists",600)


WinSetState($iPharmString[$Session], "", @SW_ENABLE)

WinSetState($iPharmString[$Session], "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

While Not (WinActive($iPharmString[$Session],""))


MsgBox(1,"Not Active","$iPharmString[$Session] is not active:" & $iPharmString[$Session],60)


All I get is ,"Not Active"!

Any suggestions?

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