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#include Path or Relative Path

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Guest DJMZ.com

I have a set of install scripts and programs in a hierarchy:

Prog 1\



Prog 2\



Install All.au3

When I run any of the Install.au3 files they do their job just fine.

What I want to be able to do is run Install All.au3 with a load of #include lines to run them all in order. This works fine until I need to refer to a file in a folder, as the @ScriptDir path is always to the file that was run, in this case Install All.au3

I could set a variable $CurrentDir = "..." before every include, but this doubles the amount of work to set up the file. I've also considered calling the other files manually with some command line flags to tell it to skip the "Are you sure?" and "Finished" messages, which are only shown for the file that was run, but this seems like it could get messy.

So, does anyone have an easier way to get either the path to the current include, or the path relative to the main document?

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You could instead of including the other au3 files, execute them. Have autoit run each script. Tested a sample script and reports @scriptdir correctly for the script being executed.

script 1

RunWait(@AutoItExe & ' Folder\2.au3')
MsgBox(0, '', 'I am back')

script 2

MsgBox(0, '', @ScriptDir)

This works fine for me.

script 1 should be able to batch all your scripts.

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