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Second Taskbar

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Hi there,

i wanted to write a program that would emulate a second Taskbar for my second monitor.

The problem is: If you have a second monitor added in Windows it will have no own Taskbar. Every program that i move to that screen will still be on the main Taskbar on the main screen.

So i thought, it should be possible to write a "second taskbar" which shows just those programs which are on the second monitor.

But i ran into several things, that i don't know how to do, right from the start:

- How do i make a "taskbar window", so it would be at the bottom of the second screen and other maximized windows dont overlap with it?

- How do i get all windows which are on the second monitor? I was using WinGetPos and compare this to @desktopwidth, but there should be a better way.

- How do i get the icon of the window, as shown in the normal taskbar? Its not that important, but would be very nice.

and last but not least:

- How do i remove a window from the main taskbar without hiding the whole window?

I would appreciate any help very much!



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