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Im sure its simple, but im a noob in need

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I have quite a few customers that just plainly are a pain in the butt. Im sure you all know those people that no matter how many times you tell them to just click once, they seem to need to click something 45 times.

I will continue my search on the best way to do this, but i wanted to post what i am trying to do because i am in a time crunch and any help i can get the better..

Im very new to autoit, ive only made one script that just basically closes a window and refocuses the appropriate window for the user.. (its amazing how some people can get lost on their desktop)


what im trying to do is, either 1. have a script that always runs, and waits for a particular exe to show up in processes, and makes sure that, it doesnt run too long, and if more then 1 of them exist for more then 3 seconds, then it just kills the exe.

Im reading through the help and the forums now, but any help i can get would really be great, thank you for your time

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