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using COM to search a Lotus database , why is it slow?

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Lotus Notes question. I know there isn't much Lotus support on this forum, but I'm wondering if it's a problem with the way I'm using COM.

I'm accessing LotusScript through COM to search through a NotesViewEntryCollection for documents that fit certain criteria. The collection will usually contain 400-700 entries. The search is very slow, it only scans about 5 or 6 entries per second. I'm using this:

for $c=1 to $count
 if criteria($entrydate,$subject) Then

Is there a memory problem, am I handling the objects in the wrong way? I've heard about some things like "garbage collection," is that something else I should be doing?

I also read about declaring object variables using Dim and so that I can set their type more specifically and make them more efficient that way, like the way I would in Visual Basic for example. How would I declare a variable to be of a certain type?

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Is $entries a regular collection? If so, try:

For $entry In $entries
 $entrydate = getentrydate($oSession,$entry)
 $subject = getentrysubject($entry)
 if criteria($entrydate,$subject) Then doAction($entry)

Further isolation depends mostly on those UDFs, like getentrydate(). You could bracket each function with TimerInit() and TimerDiff() to see where all the time goes.


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