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[Solved] File system permission differt between FileCopy & FileMove

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I've a problem when using FileMove function with resulting file permission.

I've discover the problem because there is a lock overlayed icon the moved file:

Posted Image

Here an example script to reproduce my problem:

$file=@TempDir & "\filetest.txt"
FileWriteLine($filehndl, "some text")
FileCopy($file, @SystemDir & "\filetest_copy.txt",1)
FileMove($file, @SystemDir & "\filetest_move.txt",1)
Run('Explorer.exe "' & @SystemDir & '"')

The @SystemDir & "\filetest_copy.txt" has it permissions inherit from the @systemdir folder (which is normal)

but the @SystemDir & "\filetest_move.txt" has it own permissions (and this is problematic)

Posted Image Posted Image

So my questions are simple:

  • Is this normal or a bug?
  • If it's a bug how can I solve it?

PS: I'm using Win7x64 OS

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this is a standard MS behaviour:

Copy file -> get security from folder

Move file on same partition -> keep security from file

Move file to other partition -> get security from folder

So you might copy file and then delete source.



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Thanks for your reply.

I've discovered what you explain doing a copy and move operation with DOS routine.

So it's definitely NOT an AutoIt lack or bug.

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