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Can this be done,Difficulty level??

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Hey all, this probably can be done but, I guess the better question is how hard will it be to accomplish.

I have a excel spread sheet that contains 3 fields a text description a second text field and a numeric address and a blank field

that is usually filled with a check mark when the record is confirmed.

I am also parsing a serial data port that will send in a stream that contains the same type of information.

What I am looking to do is parse this serial stream and if the data matches or contains the numeric address, update

the excel spread sheet with a confirmation field.

loosely written: check the serial stream and get the address, compare it to the address column and if there is a match update the confirmation field for that record.

I currently have a script that is parsing the data and logging it to a text file but it is the excel stuff I am questioning

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yes that why I stated that I was asking not so much if it was possible but what skill level would I need, Would it be fairly simple job to do (I just started with AutoIt and am not a very strong coder.(been told numerous times i write "ugly code" )) or is it something beyond my skill level. if it is going to be fairly easy job I will try to do it on my own, but if not I will put it off till my skill level improves.

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The phrase "simple job to do" is relative to the skill level of the doer. Try the example scripts in the help file for the _Excel* functions and see if they make sense to you. If not, a more specific question or two may be all it takes to get you going.

I find them pretty simple, but I wrote/modified some of them myself.


Valuater's AutoIt 1-2-3, Class... Is now in Session!For those who want somebody to write the script for them: RentACoder"Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced." -- Geek's corollary to Clarke's law

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Think I got it but again its probably a ugly way of doing it, Ill post what I came up with and you can give me a few tips

;******************************************START EXCEL UPDATE **************************************
if GUICtrlRead($Checkbox4) = $GUI_CHECKED Then 
$address=StringMid ( $instr, 1 , 7); pluck the address field

$FileName="C:\fireutils\est3labelfile.csv"      ; Change this to the path/name of your Excel sheet

if not FileExists($FileName) then   ; Just a check to be sure..
    Msgbox (0,"Excel Data Test","Error: Can't find file " & $FileName)

$oExcelDoc = ObjGet($FileName)  ; Get an Excel Object from an existing filename

If (not @error) and IsObj($oExcelDoc) then          ; Check again if everything went well
                                                    ; NOTE: $oExcelDoc is a "Workbook Object", not Excel itself!    
    ; We use the 'Default' worksheet
    $counter = 1
    while(_ExcelReadCell($oExcelDoc, $counter, 4) <> "")
        $counter = $counter + 1
    ;MsgBox(0, "", "The Cell Value is: " & @CRLF & $counter - 1, 2)
    For $i = 1 To $counter - 1 ;Loop
    $sCellValue = _ExcelReadCell($oExcelDoc, $i, 4)
    if $sCellValue == $address Then
    _ExcelWriteCell($oExcelDoc, "P", $i, 5)
    $oExcelDoc.Windows(1).Visible = True
    $oExcelDoc.saved=1              ; Prevent questions from excel to save the file
    MsgBox(0, "", "update complete", 2)

    Msgbox (0,"Excel Data Test","Error: Could not open "& $FileName & " as an Excel Object.")
;********************************************* End Excel  ****************************************************

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