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I am looking to make my own sms texting app, and I am looking for some good material to possibly view others that have already done this. This app will run on a pc, and basically I want to use this app to text my phone and vice versa. I have already used some scripts that use my g-mail account, of which I am not very satisfied with. The send is slow and takes about 20 seconds to finish executing from my computer. So, I am just curious if anyone has some threads I could look at and possibly some direction that can help me accomplish this. I want to build an executable that I could basically pass a string into and then have the exe go from there and send my message. So I have tried the gmail version but I am curious if anyone has seen something faster. I am currently automating the Pidgin interface with my aol account to send messages to my phone, which of course at times can be completely inaccurate if the environment changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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