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Project POIscanner lost

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I wanted to draw attention to a script that is no longer followed so far:


This script is created by toyfountain and can make voice alert on GPS Point of Interest (POI, camera etc ...) for MS street and other software (MapPoint...).

Today he don't works on the microsoft release 2010 error:

Autoit error:

line -1:

Error: Subscript used with non-array variable.

toyfountain allows modification of sources as he explains in a forum

(as I know if I have the right to link, search on google with the file name above).

I'd still need me and apparently many users, which is pretty crazy that there is very little alternative to this type of tool (poi-warner but paying much less complete than Microsoft street ) on windows.

I tried but I have not the right level (i'm a Beginner).

So if a kind soul could look and help I could make test.

The script is a link (because the original link is often inaccessible due to maintenance on laptopgpsworld forum).


The trial release of Microsoft Streets (for test):


Best regards.

(sorry for my English)

in french


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Not sure what you are expecting now, but my advice to you is to get AutoIt3 and the full SciTE4AutoIt3 installed and run the source from SciTE. This will give you the exact line that has the problem.


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