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AutoIt v3.3.5.3 (Beta) Released

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AutoIt v3.3.5.3 (Beta) Released:

There has been a significant rewrite of the Send/ControlSend code to better cope with Unicode characters. Those using characters <127 (USA/English/UK/etc) shouldn't notice any difference unless something has gone very wrong. Extended/Unicode users should test this release to see if there ary any improvements/disasters...


- Fixed: Regression in FileOpen() where it wasn't allowed to open files in read mode if they were already open in write mode.

- Fixed #1449: GUICtrlDelete() not working for GUICtrlCreateDummy() types.

- Fixed: Error loading on Windows XP due to previous RegDelete() fix.


- Fixed #1444: Controls in applications like RegEdit were left highlighted.

- Changed: Better identification of the control under the mouse.


- Fixed #1454: StringBetween() not working correctly.

The following changes are script breaking changes:

Discuss the beta here.

Report issues here.

Download here.

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