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Way around for Send() and MouseMove()

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Hey all.

I'd like to say in first hand, that my intentions are not dark. I do not intend to hack a game or exploit something.

I'll explain you everything, and how things are, crystall clear, no hidings, no second intentions.

First, I play an Online Game, called Silkroad Online. You can acess to the official site at www.silkroadonline.net

Maybe many of you have played it before. In that case, you should now that in that game, botting, and hacking as always been a common thing.

Now that we are in cap 100, which means, there are no legit people, no one plays without a bot, no one plays without any kind of hack, everyone pays his own bot, everyone creates his own tools to hack.

Basicaly, silkroad became a world where only the richer can become someone.

Before you can even start suggesting me to quit the game because of this fact, I'd like to present you my reasons to stay:




-Fun with friends

Is there anything else I could want?

So if everyone bots, whats the point of I not being a botter? With such high exp rates, there's no way to reach lvl 100 without a bot, just for you to get a light on it, a 24/7 full working bot, takes about 3 weeks to lvl up from 99 to 100, how much would a person take by playing 3 hours a day? I don't even care about making the calculations.

This whole babling was just to make you understand that what I intend is not against moral rules of anyone, even the game creators don't give a damn about it, so why would we players give?

So i'll now go to the point:

I used to create autoit tools for silkroad online, such as auto pressers, for tasks that consist on clicking the same key for hours and hours (how funny huh?)

So I created them, used them, shared with my friends, and so...

But now, Joymax, has implemented a new hack-protector to avoid hacking to the game, WHICH didn't stop the big bot programs that work by packet injection, and didn't even stop the clientless bots, BUT stopped the mouse and keyboard macros.

So, the big and most relevant hacks weren't blocked, but the low ones that do the less harm to the game were? HOW PATHETIC!

The new anti hack protector is Hackshield, you may also know it.

As far as I know, autoit exes, to send keys and mouse moves, works through the user32.dll right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

As I researched and tested, I' suppose that the hackshield is blocking the access of other programs to user32.dll, stopping other programs from being macros.

But, keyboards and mouses with macro functions, still work.

So, I basicaly need some help from the pro programmers, maybe just a little spot light on how, or how hard would it be create a workaround, and make a autoit.exe program be able to either bypass hackshield, stop it(i don't ask you to do it - I Know how hard it is) or simply telling me to give up, and i'll find another way to disable it.

Hope anyone can help me, and lastly, I'd like to thank you for reading all my text, and I also hope you can understand what I want.

Regards, jiglei

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I did... But I thought: "No Risk No Fun", so "what the heck... Let me try this"...

Well, if you guys don't allow any kind of talking about bots on multiplayer games, (even though everyone use them)

which I thought this one could be an exception, I'm sorry for creating this thread.

Thats why i did all that talking at the begining, was not all a bunch of lies...

Anyway, I understand. I think I'd also react the same way, so who I am I to judge you?

Maybe knowing what I intend to do you will help me:

I want to make a tool to help me to dlvl(dlvl= delevel = down level = decrease level, for example decreasing my lvl from 91, to 90) so, this doesn't make me more powerful in game, does it? Why not doing it then? it doesn't make the game more unfair...

Thanks, I still hope anyone can help me.

Sorry once more if this hurts your rules.

Edited by jiglei
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So I went to the trouble of creating that announcement and you just choose to ignore it? It's tempting to permanently remove you for being an inconsiderate douchebag but instead I'm going to ban you for 7 days. I suggest you take that time to think about why I created that announcement.

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