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Newbie - help with an installer

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The installer is for some educational software, and we have several programs

with the same type of installer. I want to automate the setup of several

programs onto a number of new laptops.

I can start the setup, which appears to be an early installshield (I think

its 16 bit). It brings up a whole screen background and an initial

window "Welcome". The Wingettitle and wingettext do bring

up the title and text of the window I want to send a key to.

I cannot send any key or mouse click to the

Next button. This is the script I am trying, the mouse position

is correct for the button, and the focus appears to be on the Next button.

Neither the mouse clicks or the space are accepted by the installer.

This is the first of several screens which need clicking.

The installer does not accept any /silent -s -r /r switches etc.

Shellexecute( "e:\setup.exe", "e:\" )
Sleep( 12000 )

$xx = WinGetTitle( "Welcome")
MsgBox( 0, "xx is", $xx ) ; this works, 
$txt = WinGetText( $xx )   ; this works
MsgBox( 0, "txt is", $txt )

$hndl = WinGetHandle( $xx) ; this works

If @error Then
    MsgBox(4096, "Error", "Could not find the correct window")
    ; Send some text directly to this window's edit control
    ControlSend($hndl, "", 1, "{ENTER}") ; no effect

$ret = MouseClick( "Left", 296, 301 )  ; does not work - returns 1 though
MsgBox( 0, "ret is", $ret)

AutoItSetOption( "SendKeyDownDelay", 100); 
Send ( "{SPACE}") ; does not work

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I may have it cracked - I am installing on Windows 7 and the UAC was interfering. I have just turned the UAC off, and the windows are now accepting something.

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Thanks, but having discovered that UAC was having an effect, the script is now reduced to

; AutoIt script to automate setup of Catchup CD 1
;  assumes the CD is at the directory e:\
;  If on a different network drive change startpath variable

$startpath = "e:\"

Shellexecute( $startpath & "setup.exe", $startpath )
Sleep( 5000 )

WinWaitActive ( "Welcome" ) 
Send ( "{SPACE}")

WinWaitActive ( "Setup Type" )
Send ( "{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{SPACE}" )

WinWaitActive ( "Select Program Folder" )
Send ( "{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{SPACE}" )
WinWaitActive ( "Start Copying Files" )
Send ( "{ENTER}" )

WinWaitActive ( "Setup Complete" )
Send ( "{ENTER}" )

Sleep( 2000 )
Run ( "cmd /C net share A5W_DATA=c:\Windows\A5W_DATA /Grant:Everyone,FULL" )

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