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Seeking for assistance with basic functions and pixelsearch.

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Hi,I am really new with AutoIt.I have read several tutorials and progressing with "learning to script tutorial".I couldn't find any example scripts on needed subject,so I have no idea what to use and how to,but I know what I need to do.Any help would be really appreciated.

Ok,so I am using a flash game for educational purposes.What I am trying to do is;If pixels turn to a specific color,press on x.Now I know how to find x,y coordinates and pixel color so this is what I have come up with so far.

HotKeySet("x", "MyExit")
$search = PixelSearch(157,86,26,219,13672511,5)
If Not @error Then
Func MyExit()

What I tried here is;whenever pixels are this color press on 2.Well I doubt everything is correct here since it didn't work and i'm guessing reason is because it ends short after it starts.So at the moment I wonder;

-Is this script right according to what i'm trying to do?

-If it is right,how do I make it run continuously and stop when I press on a specific key.

Sorry if I made you mad because I am a starter.

Edit:Later after learning more I am planning to do it like this;Whenever pixels are this color,press on 2(2 being a button itself),if pixels at location of 2 is blabla color press on 3 and so on.

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