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Guys, I need some help BAD!

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Ok guys, I'm a total newb and have only created one Autoit script which was pretty basic. But now I need a script, and I need it BAD. I simply don't have time to do this manually. I have to automate the process.

Anyway, here is what I need the script to do:

I have a file called test.bpi (can be open and edited with notepad). In that file I need to search for all instances of a word (example: computer1) and replace it with the current computer name. Once that's done, I need to save it (with the same file name as it started with). The next thing the script needs to do is to kick off a cmd file (example: test2.cmd). The thing is, I need to execute it from a command prompt and it has to wait 10mins before it kicks off the next two cmd files. After each command file, I'd like it to wait 10mins before kicking off the next. And finally, once the last cmd file has run and the script has waited 10mins, I'd like for it to reboot the machine.

So basically the script layout looks like this:

1. Find word in file test.bpi, save it.

2. run test2.cmd from command prompt, wait 10mins.

3. run test3.cmd from command prompt, wait 10mins.

4. run test4.cmd from command prompt, wait 10mins.

5. reboot

I think it is easy for someone that is really good with AutoIt to do this. Actually, I'm sure this would be pretty easy for some. But I've never done programming in my life, so I don't even know where to start with this thing. Anyway, If you guys can help me out, I'd be VERY appreciative! :(


Edit: Oh, I'm using AutoIt v2.

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