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Question about time and Directory download

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Hey everyone!

Got two Questions..

With InetGet i can download a file...

I want to download a directory from ftp how would be the code for that?

And : Is it possible,that i can run a makro,for example every 3 months ,at f.e. 11.30?Can i make it time controlled?

Thx for all answers!!:D

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Create the directory, then download every file in the ftp, with a loop, going to the next file until the end of the directory is reached? And then for running every 3 months, I don't know anything about it, but look at the different date UDFs or built-in functions, and make some way for it tell what month it is, and check if that is a month to update?

It's not difficult to make it time controlled, it would just be a hassle to make sure it's always running (to check if it's suppose to update) unless you put it as a start up item.

RAWR! I'm hungry :( Feed the panda squirrle

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