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Very Basic and Simple Question from a Newbie!

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I'm just starting with AutoIt... and I'm not a programmer. Please bare with me on my English... I'm French :huggles::-)

Here is what I want to do:

I have many active windows on my desktop, and I want to access an already open window to do a simple action (using my scanner).

First, I have to find the active window (scanner application), then:

1) Open File Menu (Alt-F)

2) Go to the Import function (Alt-M)

3) Go to the scanning function located in that sub-menu (Alt-N)

This opens up a new window where I have to make some other "clicking actions":

4) Add to existing document (Alt-A)

4) Press Enter (how do I do that?)

Another window opens up:

5) Press Alt-P (2 times) (?)

6) Press Enter (?)

That's it! It may be simple for you people "out there" who have programming experience, but I don't :D:-(

I spent part of the morning trying to make it work, but I give up!

But first I want to make sure the "right" window is active to make that script working (because I'm working on another window).

Any help will be appreciated.

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Thanks for your reply James,

But it doesn't quite answer my problem.

How do I tell AutoIt to activate a window in the background?

How can I use a set of keys to activate my script?

Thanks for clarifying this point.


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Have you tried searching the help file or even searching the forum? There has been a lot of posts for this kind of thing recently.

WinActivate() and HotKeySet() will be good for you.


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