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Logon script need elevation?

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OK Here is the problem or not as it may be...

I have converted our login script to autoit and complied it into an .exe it is running fine mostly however one little bug in the ointment.

Previously in the old logon.cmd (batch) file I did not require to elevate the script but now it's in autoit, I do know it's to do with the UAC so my question is:

Once elevated is there a way to make this permanent so the user / users don't keep on getting asked if it's OK to run the script or worse having to have the administrator at every desk 9AM in the morning to let the users login.

I have no issues doing once e.g. for the first time that the price of security but is not really feasible to do it every time a logon.exe runs, we just don't have the manpower for that.

Hope that makes sence.

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[topic='115020'] AD Domain Logon Script[/topic]

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Maybe you could use RunAs()

RunAs("Local_Admin_Account", @ComputerName, "PASSWORD_1", 0, "C:\Path\to\Your_other\autoit_program.exe", @SystemDir)

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