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Dont work "ControlClick'


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I have a very easy script but it is not work :mellow:


RunWait('alcohol.exe /s')

ControlClick('Installer Language','Please select a language','Button1')


The first command is OK, but the second command is not work (no mistake in debug window). Help!!!

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Use WinWait() in you case. RunWait() waits until the process ends so it is no good for automation of the process. Use Run() instead and use ProcessWaitClose() to wait for finish if needed.

; use Run() to continue with script
$pid = Run('alcohol.exe /s')

; use WinWait to stop script until using Control* functions
WinWait('Installer Language', 'Please select a language')

; click on Button1 with the specified window
ControlClick('Installer Language', 'Please select a language', 'Button1')

; wait until ProcessID form Run() has closed


Assuming silent install switch is not so silent.

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