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I started this project for work last year to allow me to set up computers faster at work. With the new version of auto it and the UDP Broadcast to all address on the subnet the program just got a lot easier to setup. Really there is no setup now, just run the program and it works. I don't have to tell the server where the clients are to send to them any more.

I set up my server open a port on UDP to address x.x.x.255 (the x.x.x = what ever IP scheme you are using) and that allows broadcasting to all addresses. I have only used this on Windows XP here at work as that is all we use. I didn't find any bugs other then my wireless laptop doesn't do work well running the client for some reason it receives everything twice. I don't understand why this is but when the wireless laptop is running the server there is no problems.

I use the MouseSetonEvent UDF by MrCreatoR (Here) Works great for what I'm doing


and for got to post the script

I forgot to post the commands,

On the server program:

Ctrl+1 : send to the clients to reposition the active window

Ctrl+2 : Toggles broadcast on and off

Ctrl+ BS : Exit

On the client program (echoer):

Ctrl+1 : change the port being used

Ctrl+2 : Toggles listen on and off

Ctrl+End : Exit

These commands are listed when you run the program and hover the mouse over the icon in the system menu. But I just wanted to make sure yous all to know.

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