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math for changing a range of numbers?

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I'm reading a variable that will be in the range of 0-200. I need to take the input of 0-200, and output 0-168.

Is there a math statement that I can apply to the input variable to get my adjusted output range?

The output range will be fixed when the project is complete, but during development, the upper limit may change. i.e. it may be 0-169, 0-170, etc.

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That would work but I was wondering if there was a simple math way to accomplish it. Like...

Int ($InputVar - ($InputVar * (1-(168/200)) + 0.5))

My math just seems unnecessarily complicated. I was hoping a math geek out there could simplify this task.

If you omnly want to scale the output from the input then you don't want to take the result from the input.

$IPRANGE = 200
$OPRANGE = 168

$Outputvar = Ceiling($Inputvar*factor)
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