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need help with script


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hello everyone, i need help with muonline script

really i need script (tried to make one it didnt work)

i need script that can do following:

1 move mouse around

2 detect collor (example of mob and when i get party)

3 click mouse on detected collor (right mouse for mob, left mouse fo party)

4 script need to make muonline window active but not really active so i can watch movie or make so other work (new versions of mu have anti-bot (if window not active it wont ks))

can anyone help me?

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they dont have anti bot 100% im using another bot, but this bot su.ks it only for auto cansting (would be for auto party 2, but cant get collor with it), and im needing auto casting, auto pt, auto detect mob/pt collor

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