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giving focus to script


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I have compiled a script that warns if an internet connection gets disabled. The message is a Gui Window that pops up. What i would like to know is, how do i make it to stay as a primary window? What i mean is, lets say a guy watches a movie and the window gets triggered...At the moment it looses focus...I want it to pop up and show and not hiding beneath the movie screen :mellow:

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I keep getting a "Focus lost to autoit3.exe"

this is the settings i used...first one, then both simultaneously

WinSetState("Welcome !!!", "", @SW_SHOW)
WinSetOnTop("Welcome !!!", "", 1)

any other ideas?

( its a "guicreate" that i need to overwrite any other windows screens thats open as well as while mediaplayer is playing...Even if you click on other "Windows's" screens it must still be "dominant")...if its possible?

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