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Not sure where to start


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I like listening to music and playing video games at the same time but I find it irritating to minimize my game and change the song, go back, and pause. What I want to make is a very small GUI of three buttons (forward, back, pause) that will essentially sit on top of the game window (or just outside of the window) that will be able to be clicked without the game losing focus.

Or basically I want winamp buttons on my world of warcraft window lol. I think I can handle most of it but if anyone could suggest something for me to look at beforehand or if someone knows if someone has already done something similar I would appreciate a link. :mellow:

I know everything I need should be in the helpfile but maannn... it sure is a long process when you aren't sure what you're looking for lol.

Edit: Reading through "GUI Control Styles" right now.

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There is a UDF for Winamp, Winamp Library [on pure AutoIt] - AutoIt Forums. It is very nice, and I use it to control Winamp for a Sleep Timer/Alarm Clock. Kudos to MrCreatoR for writing it! On the other hand, do the Winamp global hotkeys not work in your case?

- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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