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small home network


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I have a small home network connecting a desktop PC (server) and a laptop.

I can see the SERVER files on the laptop.

When I explore 'my network places' on the laptop I see the c: drive of the desktop under the name SERVER.

I can run programs on the desktop from the laptop and I can print on the printer connected to the desktop from the laptop.

All this to say that the network is working.

How can I reference (open) a file on the desktop from the laptop?

I am running a script on the laptop that has to open a file on the SERVER?

I tried fileopen(server:\filename) ... but this doesn' work.


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UNC Convention:



\\Server\<whatever your share name is, it might be administrative c$>\<folder beneath share>\<file to open>



What he says, instead of \\server you can also use \\[iP-address] and the $ behind the C$ is nessacery if the share is invisible.

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