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I can rename the windows: WinSetTitle("[#] [Main] [#]", , "Main")

I can also move the windows to locations I want WinMove("Main", , 0, 0)

What I can't do is:

If the program is minimised to taskbar I want it to maximise (it wont minimise all the time)

I want the program to sort of not loose focus/have the ability to minimise to tray but there will be 4 windows running; Lets say I have Window 1 up, the other 3 are minimised, if I switch to Window 2 it makes Window 1 minimise.

I then want to be able to make it do:

I want it to run 4 functions at once; doing a series of tasks for each window.

If it loads/when it loads it is to be renamed, stopped ability to minimise to tray, moved (maximise if minimised) (but not to terminate after it's done it once)

Make sense?

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