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accessing menu in foreign window


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Kind of noobish question:

Could you please tell me how to access the main menu of a regular window? The window is not of a Au3 GUI, it's "foreign". I looked at different programs (with AutoIt Window Info tool) and there were all kinds of control classes and names,like for the toolbar, tabs, buttons etc. except for the main menu. In some programs it hasn't a classname or it's the same with the window's. To make things even harder, the items in the main menu (words) don't show up anywhere in the window info, as text.

So, I assumed that the main menu isn't a control. I'd like to execute a command at a level within the main menu. Some programs don't have the "alt+" feature implemented for controls. Am I forced to use the mouse coords or is there a way to specify the exact submenu item of a certain submenu... of the main menu?

edited: added "with AutoIt Info tool" at the beginning

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