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Power down doesn't work on certain 2000 PCs?

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Hello, all..

I suspect I know the answer to this already, but would like confirmation :mellow:

As part of our energy saving, carbon footprint yada yada, our PCs have a small AutoIt Script running which does a shutdown and power down of the PC.

I won't go into the details but - it works.. So long as it's XP.

On XP - it shuts down, and powers down.

On 2K - it shuts down only - the users get ye olde "it's now safe to turn off your computer" type message on screen, and they need to hold the power button in for 5 seconds to get it to switch off.

The shutdown I use is shutdown(13) (shutdown, power down, force), and the script is compiled using

On the same model of PC on XP, then it works. Same model with 2K, it doesn't.

Is it something to do with the ACPI installed on the 2K boxes? Or am I missing something else that's really obvious?!?!

We don't have that many 2K boxes still running, so it's not screamingly urgent, but it'd be nice to fix if possible :(

Any thoughts?



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it's an APCI problem.

Possibly not!

NirCMD works perfectly, so I've carried out the following tests:

I compiled the following scripts into exes:

Shutdown(1+8) (Shutdown + Powerdown)

Shutdown(4+8) (Force Powerdown)

Shutdown(4+8+1) (Force Powerdown + Shutdown)

Compiled under version, they all work perfectly.

Compiled under version, they all just do a shutdown - no power down.

Likewise, I've tried the same under the shiny new - same as (no power down).

XP SP3 works fine. 2K SP4 doesn't.

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