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GUI and Memory Access Demo


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Hello All,

I am programmer from way back, I know many languages; C++, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, BASIC, Visual Basic, among others. I run a small business and program lots of things in my spare time. I like this small concise compiler AutoIt. It packs a pretty good punch.

I have been lurking in the shadows until now, looking over the forum for advice and such. I decide I better balance my karma and give something back. This is a little AutoIt script I worked out on my own, it is not a game bot(I read that posting) , it is a game trainer for a rather old game I have kicking around on my PC. So I will apologize that it is not highly "useful" in the practical sense. But someone can use it to learn from.

;A short example of a game trainer
;shows how to access, read and write to process memory
;shows how to create and use a GUI (graphical user interface)
;This is a work in progress and should be used as a learning tool.

#include <NomadMemory.au3> 
#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>

;This trainer is made to access the old "Lucas Arts Afterlife" Heaven and Hell simulation game.
;I used another program TSearch ver 1.6 to find the addresses needed.
;Check to see if the program is in memory.
If not ProcessExists("ALIFE.EXE") Then
    MsgBox(0, "Game Check", "After Life is not running.")
;Get the process ID number
$pid = ProcessExists("ALIFE.EXE")
GuiCreate("After Life Trainer 1.0", 400, 400)

;Get Pennies and Planet Population
$Mem_Open = _MemoryOpen($pid) 
$Mem_Read = _MemoryRead("0x63043C", $Mem_Open) 
$Money = GuiCtrlCreateInput($Mem_Read, 5, 5, 120, 20)
$Pennies = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Total Pennies", 140, 5, 100, 30)
$gcx = GuiCtrlCreateInput(0, 130, 40, 30, 20)
$gcy = GuiCtrlCreateInput(0, 165, 40, 30, 20)
$Mem_Read = _MemoryRead("0x57E1C0", $Mem_Open) 
$population =  GuiCtrlCreateInput($Mem_Read, 5, 40, 120, 20)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Area Population in Sector on Planet", 5, 65, 200, 20)
$SetPop = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Set Population", 5, 95, 100, 30)
$BigPop = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Set to ALL Sectors", 105, 95, 100, 30)

$msg = GUIGetMsg()
While $msg <> $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $Pennies                                ;Pennies button got pushed
            $Data = GUICtrlRead($Money)                     ;get the amount inside the input box
            $Mem_Open = _MemoryOpen($pid)                   ;open memory for read/write
            _MemoryWrite("0x63043C", $Mem_Open, $Data)      ;patch the pennies with the new amount
            $Mem_Read = _MemoryRead("0x63043C", $Mem_Open)  ;read the memory (just to be sure)
            GUICtrlSetData($Money, $Mem_Read)               ;display what was entered
            _MemoryClose($Mem_Open)                         ;close the memory access
        ;This sets the surface population of the planet by sector.  
        Case $msg = $SetPop
            $Data = GUICtrlRead($population)
            $Sector = 0x57E1C0 + GUICtrlRead($gcx)*1344 + GUICtrlRead($gcy)*42
            $Mem_Open = _MemoryOpen($pid) 
            _MemoryWrite($Sector, $Mem_Open, $Data)
            $Mem_Read = _MemoryRead($Sector, $Mem_Open) 
            GUICtrlSetData($population, $Mem_Read)
        ;This will set all the sectors to the same amount 2048 sectors times the amount entered.    
        Case $msg = $BigPop
            $Data = GUICtrlRead($population)
            $Mem_Open = _MemoryOpen($pid) 
            For $gcx = 0 to 63
                For $gcy = 0 to 31
                    $Sector = 0x57E1C0 + $gcx*1344 + $gcy*42
                    _MemoryWrite($Sector, $Mem_Open, $Data)

I plan to do more with this, but again it is a rather obscure game, so I will post more useful scripts in the future. I mainly did this script to wet my whistle on some of the basics of the language.


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