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ObjCreate in an exe

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Guest branflakes

I'm running beta and I've been using com to manipulate internet explorer. Today I decided to show a friend what I have done, so I sent and executable to him. I figured they wouldn't need autoit installed if I sent an executable (isnt that the point of an exe?), but this is the error we get:

AutoIt Error
Line 2  (File "C:\Documents and Settings\Me\My Documents\My Received Files\test.au3"):


Error: Unknown function name.

Now, my friend doesnt have autoit installed, so I figured that is the problem. On the other hand, I get the same error when trying to run my exe, even though I have autoit installed.

I'm not sure if I need to include something or if this is a bug... but I thought I'd get it out in the open. Any suggestions?

EDIT: the .au3 file works fine. No errors... it does what it's supposed to... it's just the exe that errors

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Guest branflakes

compile it with the compiler in the "beta" folder... right-click compile does not use beta engine...



Haha, that worked. Thanks.

I thought I had copied over my old compiler to prevent this from happening... I guess I didn't!

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