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automated cleaners


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I need to do the following:

At Windows7 shutdown or restart ...

Run an automated procedure that will run several

system and registry cleaners sequentially, one

at at time.

Because some of these programs do not have command

line switches, the automated procedure will have to

supply all the mouse clicks and text inputs into

boxes etc.

Can AUTOIT3 do this?

If yes, then I will start studying the program.

Thank you, Steve ...

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Yes Steve, AutoIt can do this and a lot more too :lol:

But remember it would still be you who will have to make this and any other thing do. :(

So, you can start learning it right now, if you want to.

But it seems kinda odd that you didn't find this thing in the help file or on the description of AutoIt on the website and asked this question here. :mellow:

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