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holding shift down gets interruptd by send


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Hey all,

I usually use the send command for anything that requires sending keystrokes in autoit, but I have run into a problem.

Situation: Im holding down the CTRL button (physically with my finger), and then pressing a on the keyboard.

Problem: It seems that when the send is executed, it is as if the CTRL button was not held down for just a moment, thus breaking the action of keeping the button down. it does register down again afterwards, but this is not good enough for what I need.

Solution?: I speculated that this has something to do with how the send command is aware of the modifier keys like CTRL. Perhaps there is some kind of more baisc alternative that can just press a single key and not touch anything else?

I did find that send had a raw-mode by for example send("a",1) but this didnt seem to make any difference... Either im doing it wrong, or the problem could be somewhere else entirely perhaps.

I hope some can point me in the right direction.

EDIT: due to factual errors i later discovered that changed the question.

EDIT2: Here is a short code example of my problem:

(while physically holding down shift)

while 1




The holding down of shift gets momentarily interrupted when the send command executes. How do I get around this? The spesific usage is amongs other things for example being able to macro sending a message to teammembers in a FPS game. Currently the character will stand up as the message is sent, and then crouch down again - wich could be fatal :mellow:


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