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I'm trying to set up some scripts using Airfoil. The ID# changes every time the program is restarted or a new Airfoil Speaker is detected and added. So I'm trying to use ControlClick Coords instead of the ID but I'm not too sure the proper syntax for the script. I've read a few postings and there only ever seems to be scripts that don't work that are posted, not the working ones.

I've tried using this:

ControlClick("Airfoil", "", "CLASS:WindowsForms10.window.8.app.0.e4c6c4", left, 1, 18, 8)

but I just get Error parsing function call. Any help very appreciated.

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Thank you very much. That did stop giving the error. But than I noticed Coordinates won't work since the coordinates for the first button is the exact same as the 'X' Close button and both use same Class name.

So I'm just using class name with instance instead:

ControlClick("Airfoil", "skinnedButton1", "[CLASS:WindowsForms10.window.8.app.0.e4c6c4; INSTANCE:8]")

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