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I am running a Windows 7 notebook that has offline file enabled. It synchronizes with the Server computer on a schedule when a user logons on in the morning and also @ 6 p.m. I have written a script to automate the shutdown of both the server and the client notebook computer @ the end of a work day. I also like the script to do a final synchronization before shutting down the entire system. I could call Mobsync.exe and initiate a synchronization. My problem, however, is that the systems would shutdown before the synchronization is even completed. The length in time for a synchronization to finish varies from day to day. The following is part of my script:

;activate Synchronization Manager

Run ("c:\windows\system32\mobsync.exe")

WinWaitActive("Sync Center", "View recent sync activity")







I tried WinWaitClose, WinWaitInactive, ProcesExists, or ProcessWaitClose after the codes above, but they do not work. Mobsync.exe runs as a background process. So even if its Window is closed, it continues the synchronization process, invisible to a user's eye. Moreover, this process does not terminate after a successful synchronization, i.e. it stays as a resident in the memory. Is there any way to detect if a Process is active/inactive/accessing memory in a script? Or does anyone know if there is any command line parameter for Mobsync.exe (the Version in Windows 7/Vista is very different from the old one in Windows XP in behaviour)? Thanks very much for your help.

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