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Trying to work with an .ocx file but have limited COM knowledge and little/no documentation on the methods or properties of the object. I ran OLEViewer and have a list of the methods but don't know where to go from here.

Here is my very simple code:

$objTapi = ObjCreate("AvayaPhoneInterface.PhoneInterfaceCtrl.1")
$event = ObjEvent($objTapi,"TAPIEvent_")

With $objTapi
    .switchIpAddress = ""
    ;more methods to go here

While 1
    ;nothing here yet

Func TAPIEvent_($Eventname)

Here is a part of the OLEViewer results:

dispinterface _DPhoneInterface {
        short registerExtension(
                        short forceLogin, 
                        VARIANT switchIpAddress, 
                        VARIANT extension, 
                        VARIANT password, 
                        VARIANT telecommuteNumber, 
                        VARIANT vpnOverideIp, 
                        short controlOnly, 
                        short emergencyHandling, 
                        VARIANT emergencyHandlingAtNumber);
        void offHook();
        void onHook();
        void dialDigits(VARIANT digitString);
        void pushButton(
                        short buttonNumber, 
                        short buttonModule);
        void transfer();
        void conference();
        void hold();
        void drop();
        void unregisterExtension();
        void beep(
                        short frequency, 
                        short duration);

I guess I don't know what the "variants" or "shorts" are. Once I get past the "registerExtension" method, I think I will be able to figure it out. All I get with the above code is "The requested action with this object has failed."

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