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ControlSend sends lower case characters

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With the subroutine appended I open (several) devices via PuTTY ssh and read contents (i.e port layout of Avocent Cyclades)

or log in to routers or switches. My user-string contains sometimes combinations like "name:01:CYC-XYZ01" and passwords

also contain upper and lower case character. I recognized ControlSend (mostly) to send lower case values, and in my German

environment,translates ":" to "." I had to resort to "send" .

case 1



;ControlSend(wingettext($putties[$putties[0]], ""),"",$putties[$putties[0]], $user,1)

;ControlSend(wingettext($putties[$putties[0]], ""),"",$putties[$putties[0]], "{ENTER}")

case 2



;ControlSend(wingettext($putties[$putties[0]], ""),"",$putties[$putties[0]], $passw,1)

;ControlSend(wingettext($putties[$putties[0]], ""),"",$putties[$putties[0]], "{ENTER}")

$timeout = secs() +3 ;wait a bit seconds for 'access denied'

case Else

With "send" the routine works reliable ...but ....how comes, what is wrong ????

The whole subroutine is attached. I tooltipped the user,password string a line before usage, all characters are as desired.


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