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IE & google stock screener help


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Hi all,

So I've made a stock screening program for my own use. However in its current state it's not very effcient and I need to speed it up.

So what I need is a way to detect the "No Companies Found" message on screen. I'm very new to working with IE and I have been trying some examples in the help file, fumbled around with the source code, and used the IE builder tool with no luck.

Below is a link that will produce the message. Any help would be appreciated.




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Start climbing the learning curve on the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) as used by the _IE* functions in the IE.au3 UDF. You want to learn how to use for example _IEBodyReadText(), or maybe dig deeper and drill down to the particular element with _IEFormElementGetValue(). If you get stuck, post what you tried for more help.


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