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Windows 7 Taskbar Functionality


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I wish to create a program that allows me to easily switch between "large icons + always combine" and "small icons + never combine". When using my computer, if I have very few things open, I'd like to have my taskbar like pre-Win7 OS's, where I can see the full label, they don't combine, etc. If I have many things open, it would be nice to be able to switch to having my open applications represented by only icons, and to have them combined.

1. Is there any way to hijack Windows 7's "show desktop" button in the lower right hand corner to toggle this functionality?

2. I have found the registry settings I need to change these settings, but how do I force a refresh on the taskbar so that it reloads the settings from the registry? The only way I can think of is to have autoit quickly open the properties of the taskbar then click OK, but, I'd rather just be able to straight up force a refresh.

Any ideas?

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Why don't you use "Combine when taskbar is full". That would be a lot easier.

Because at times, depending upon how my workspace needs to be set up for a particular task, it is better to have one or the other, as opposed to simply combine when full. I've tried it, and it just doesn't work the way I need it to. Good idea though.

Also, I am highly interested in finding a way to hijack the Windows 7 show desktop gem. Any ideas?

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What about


I'm looking for a way to hijack the actual functionality of the show desktop gem button. Specifically, upon clicking it, instead of having it just show the desktop, I wish to have it do something of my own bidding.
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