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Upgrading AutoIt and Scite


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I had several problems when upgrading AutoIt and Scite.

I had the old installed so I downloaded and did an install. During installation, at the page where it asks if I wanted to uninstall the older version before installing the new one or just install over, it suddenly decided for itself that I should uninstall the older version and jumped to the next page whereby it ask if a script should be ran or edited when i double clicked it. Was the automatic decision meant to be like that? If I exited the installation without completing it, AutoIt will no longer be in the start menu because it has been uninstalled without my consent. But then I initiated the install again and completed it this time.

Then I downloaded the latest Scite and installed it over the older version. After installing I opened a script but when I checked the Scite version in the about window, it still showed the older version?

So what I did was uninstalled AutoIt and Scite. After uninstalling both the program, old start menu key and 'expired' AutoIt icons remained and I had to clear them using CCleaner. I restarted the computer.

I then reinstalled without installing Scite. Now Scite show the latest version.

I wonder what went wrong above?

P/S: Oh yes, this link isn't working, getting 404: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/download/AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui.exe

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