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Search function in ExcelCOM_UDF trouble


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First of all hello to all the members...Im new to Autoit and so far i am doing prety well in compiling some programs for personal use...

My question concerns ExcelCOM_UDF...I used it to create a small program to keep track with my shop's stock...anyway they thing is as follows

I want my programm to do a search action in several worksheets and give the results to a list

Im using the function _ExcelFindInRange. In its description it states that it gives all the search results in an array in the form of $array[x][x]. My problem is that whatever i do it always gives one result after search.I wonder if the function only answers you if the search value "exists" in the workesheet.

Ive tried it several times (cause basicaly i make something work after continous tries :mellow: )and i always get one hit although the search value deliberately exists more than once in my test worksheets...

Am i doing something wrong? Please I could really use your help in correcting me and if possible give me some suggestions on how I could make it Work

Pogkas Nikos

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Post an example of how you used _ExcelFindInRange(), specifically the parameters passed to the function for start/end of the range.

Note that ExcelCOM_UDF.au3 is not really supported much anymore since a subset of it was included in the standard UDFs as Excel.au3, which does not include this function. To perform that action with the new UDF would mean reading the sheet to an array with _ExcelReadSheetToArray() and then searching that array, or working with COM objects directly.


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