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Winexists checks hidden windows?


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Have you tried the new Avast! 5?

I've been able to fully automate Avast! 4 installation and registration in the past and it was a real joke. But now, with v5, they use a different kind of interface and there is NO text on avast5 window that autoit can read, and no control either. The only thing it can read is the window title. I can work my way with tabs and clicks but there's a huge problem.

WinExists("avast! Free") returns 1 even if the window isn't there! So now I'm screwed, cause if I run Avast! 5 GUI, with the Run command that is, it doesn't always show up! And my script starts doing some crazy things to other windows :mellow:

Well, I'd be happy if at least WinExists or WinWait worked as expected.

Any Idea?

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Here's more information.

run("C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastUI.exe")
winwait("avast! Free")
WinActivate("avast! Free")
WinWaitActive("avast! Free")

And it sometimes gets past this and the window isn't even open.

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I've had similar issues with software we use here at work. Can only get the title and no other information. What I ended up using more often than not was pixelsearch and wingetpos to check window sizes. It seems, however that sometimes avast runs minimized so maybe look into forcing the program to run maximized or at least not hidden first.

I've never used Avast so this is all just guessing and random thoughts.



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I was thinking about using those graphical functions but I thought there could be a more simple way. I could give a try to force the window to open in maximized state, or even try to run the darn program 10 times to ensure it launches at least once :mellow:

There's no problem at the installation. It goes fine and seems to use standards controls and forms. I'm refering to Avast! 5 GUI, where I must go to enter the registration key.

Avast 4 was easy, I just had to launch a seperate registration EXE and enter the key. good old days :(

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