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Sending Mouse Click on Full Screen App

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Hi !

I'm looking for code to send mouse click's to an flash aplication that are in full screen on my secondary monitor.

I want use _MouseClickPlus, beacause MouseClick function trap my mouse, and _MouseClickPlus use api function SendMessage (can send 200 clicks while i use the mouse in another application)

The monitor has 1680x1050 resolution

I probe with Coord Mode in "Screen", "Window", and "Client" ...

But I can't find the way to make _MouseClickPlus run. The problem, I think, is the coordinates ... and/or the title/handle of the 'window'


I use _MouseClickPlus like this:

Local $WindowTitle = "Adobe Flash Player"
Local $WindowClass = "ShockwaveFlashFullScreen"

Local $handle = ControlGetHandle(WinGetHandle($WindowTitle), '', $WindowClass)

Local $my_X = 3066
Local $my_Y = 43

_MouseClickPlus($handle, "Left",  $my_X, $my_Y, 1)

Any help ?

Thank in advance, and sorry by my poor english :-(

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Oh! ... SORRY !

I've find the problem ... :

Local $handle = ControlGetHandle(WinGetHandle($WindowTitle), '', $WindowClass)

That's the good code:

$handle = WinGetHandle($YT_WindowTitle)

On FullScreen ... no control asociated with that Window ...

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