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xml parsing

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Hi all,

For my Automation Project.

I need to open xml file find a perticular node change its value & save it with different name.

Does any one have any idea how it is possible using basic or Auto it.



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I don't think there's real XML parsing in Autoit. You can try using StringRegExp(Replace) to parse the XML. A better idea would probably be using a real XML parser in Java/PHP/Ruby/anything else. Kinda depends on the complexity of your operations though. If you only want to replace the contents of 1 node you can just use StringRegExpReplace -- easiest if the node has a unique identifier.

For example:

$xml = _
"<xml>" & _
  "<child>this is some testdata</child>" & _

$r = StringRegExpReplace($xml, "(?i)(?s)(<child>).*(</child>)", "\1Some other data\2")
ConsoleWrite($r & @CR)
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